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  • How long after meps do i go to basic training army

    I would say the average wait time I observed over two decades would be about six months. He had decided to go into the military and join the Air Force and he wanted to propose before he left for basic training. On the other   MEPS stands for Military Entrance Processing Station, this where you'll go for testing into their branch's DEP (Delayed Entry Program), and go home after MEPS to wait until their ship out date. From Family Day and graduation to Advanced Individual Training and a Permanent Change It’s not uncommon, these days, for an Air Force applicant to remain in the DEP for 8 or more months before finally shipping out to basic training. One is the Entry Level Separation (ELS) and the other is the Existing Prior to Service (EPTS). Delayed Entry Program (DEP): Commit to Basic Training at a time in the future, generally within one year. I’m aiming for January after the holidays. Do not bring jewelry, watches, headphones, excessive cash or valuables. No one can give you a definite date besides the counselor at MEPS. I actually look forward to the latter. Nov 07, 2018 · "An often undiscussed fear of recruits going to basic training are the showers. MEPS is the gateway to the US Army, and is required for everyone entering, or re-entering, into any of the Armed Forces (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, etc. The Delayed Entrance Program is a program for recruits who have decided to enlist in the Air Force but have not been sent to basic training yet. ” The Delayed Entry Program (DEP) is a one-year program to allow people to reserve a date to later enter active duty and leave for basic training at San Antonio, Texas. You can expect to do a lot of waiting at MEPS Welcome to the United States Air Force. However if August 6 is his report date to the recruiters, there will be a few days added in for travel and in-processing. by the government if you are required to drive a long distance to reach the MEPS. Basically it is a way for the recruiter to keep track of you and for you to take the first steps in becoming acquainted with the military without being in the strict military environment of basic training. How long are the ASVAB and physical test res 16 Feb 2012 My husband has been trying to re enlist for a long time now. Image: army. One thing that wakes up the Department of Defense is when Army trainees can’t do their pushups and situps. Army. Attending Basic Training is a fundamental part of enlisting. If you have signed up and taken the oath, you can be charged with AWOL if you don't go. © 2021 United States National Guard ELIGIBILITY. What It Takes; How to Join; Basic Training; Prior Service; Fitness Calculator Jun 21, 2006 · It depends on what job you sign up for. you will probably have to wait for the right time to leave. After basic training you'll learn AIT(advanced individual training) after you graduate you'll head to the unit that needs you. If you don’t pass the requirements at your MEPS weigh-in, you won’t be able to enlist or go to basic training. It’s a far cry from what the Army and Marine Corp train like, but you didn’t join the Army or Marine Corp! During the time you get ready for Air Force basic training you will only be getting a taste of what Air Force life is really like. Others will embark to basic training immediately following MEPS. The Enlistment Process Once you’ve met with a recruiter and made the decision to join the Army, the first step is to go to your state’s MEPS station for aptitude testing and physical and medical examinations. Set yourself up for success, train before you go! The Basic Officer Leader Course (BOLC) is a two-phased training course designed to produce commissioned officers in the United States Army. It can be as short as two months and continue up to one year. If your basic training unit allows you to go on pass, that is something that needs to be worked between the candidate and their basic training unit, but you will incur a 14 day quarantine upon arrival to OCS. RSP members meet once each month to learn about drill and ceremony, military ranks, the military alphabet, uniform standards, Army values and barracks inspections. He goes to MEPS in Jackson, MS one last time in the morning and then he gets flown to ft sill for a few days of intake and the basic training starts in January 7th. Weapons of any type. When going to MEPS, it should take a couple of days to get through all the Sep 29, 2017 · Few recruits go to Basic Combat Training (BCT) immediately after signing up for the National Guard. There are currently 65 MEPS locations throughout the continental United States, Puerto Rico, Alaska and Hawaii. Shower before your test day. MEPS isn’t the real day you sign your life away as they say. The Army on Monday resumed sending new recruits to basic training, albeit with stipulations, after a two-week pause due to the coronavirus pandemic. It’s my understanding that you’ll ship to basic based on a time frame you’re personally looking for along with the job you’ve selected. Check with your recruiter for a list of recommended personal items to take to basic training. During this time your Soldier is traveling for 1-2 days and in processing for 3-4 days. 6. I can't do anything to really begin the process till I am out of the Army. I left for boot camp 3 weeks later! Once in basic training, there are usually two main discharges that we use to send recruits home. I enlisted and took an oath on April, 2016 as a Army Reserve and I just received the ship date for basic combat training (BCT). After dating for about three years, my boyfriend, Jon finally proposed to me. Basic Training is broken down into three different phases, Red Phase, White Phase, and the Blue Phase. Forget about the Navy’s V-22. Basic Combat Training – The Four Phases. I even went to war with a weapon that I was NEVER officially trained in the use of (the M-16 and its successors). · Delayed Entry Program (DEP): Commit to  MEPS Visit Tips; Steps to Enlisting. In Week 1, the recruits meet their drill sergeants at the reception center. Feb 15, 2021 · The length of the Delayed Entry Program varies from person to person. ). I know that if goes I can't survive because he is not doing it for ideal, just because he wants to live an adventure. After the introduction, recruits are transported to their company training area. Jan 20, 2015 · You're forced to take 14 days of leaving. NOTE: You cannot receive a physical examination at the MEPS until after you have received a qualifying ASVAB score. I have 2 months before I ship out to basic training, I have finished everything at MEPS, physical, piss test everything. (eg 11 weeks basic training, so they'll get you in eleven weeks before the position is vacant), so that you can start your employment training On the date when a person is scheduled to report for basic training, they will normally be instructed to return to the MEPS and swear in a second time while they sign the last sheet of the military enlistment contract (blocks 20, 21, and 22 of the DD form 4/3) which states that the person wishes to be discharged from the Delayed Entry/Enlistment Program (DEP) and enlisted in the Regular Component. Others will embark to basic trai 21 Jan 2019 went to MEPS sign their contracted and shipped out to Basic Training within 30 days, but I've If you pick something with a long AIT that only runs 4-6 classes a year, the next open US Army Basic Training 19 Once you have completed all of the testing requirements, have determined your career path and have taken the oath of enlistment, you are ready for basic training. Learn about great opportunities for enlisted airmen, officers and health care professionals. 8 Aug 2016 In the Army you get a reservation for a specifuc basic training class and AIT. The Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS) is where your real qualifications for joining the Air Force are determined. com Aug 08, 2020 · Get a printable version of the Army Basic Training Packing List 2019 for when you start packing your bags. It could be a day or so, but it's pretty quick. Prohibited items for basic training. If you pass the ASVAB and physical, you will be able to swear into the military on that same day. haven’t joined yet, Meps on Wednesday this week. See full list on goarmy. 5 days of leave per month, it would take you nearly 6 months to crawl out of that hole so you'd show up to your first duty station in the hole for leave. You accrue 2. What not to bring to Army basic training. We have put together an exciting Feb 02, 2018 · Fort Jackson Basic Training is 10 weeks long. After finishing at the MEPS, recruits follow one of two options: "Direct Ship:" Departure for Basic Training occurs in a matter of days versus months. If you go  Once you have signed on the dotted line and shipped out to boot camp, is it possible Until a new recruit takes the Oath of Enlistment at MEPS, they aren't officially “in you can quit military service without graduating from bo 14 Results about how Air Force recruiting, Basic Military Training and our Airmen are operating and navigating this situation, and how it may affect you. Feb 04, 2019 · The Department of Defense definition for "prior service," is not standard as each of the services defines prior service (for enlistment purposes) differently: Army The Army defines "prior service" as any applicant with more than 180 days of military service, or those who graduated from military job-training (MOS/AFSC/Rating), regardless of time Feb 13, 2020 · MEPS Locations. There’s no guarantee you’re not going to fall and break your head once you’re in the service. Right now, December might be a realistic estimate, but it could always be longer. . Originally Answered: how long does it take to get sent to basic training after MEPS? It can take as long as a day… or a year. Prepare yourself for Boot Camp, mentally and physically. Aug 28, 2008 · They will have you do the aptitude test, interviews, medical and blood tests and if they go well they see when your selected jobs initial employment training is- some are more frequent then others, Nov 24, 2020 · Do not wear hats inside MEPS. The MEPS is also the first time you will experience the famous military saying of “hurry up and wait”. If you are interested in joining the Military, it helps to know what to expect. While physical fitness training is a big part of it, BCT is not all about push-ups and sit-ups. While you visit the MEPS, the army provides you with room Jan 19, 2012 · I hope you wrong too, because I don't believe in war and I think the war is the cause of the economy to be like this. “Air Force Needs”) at any given time, as well as available spaces in Air Force technical training schools. What Happens When You Go To MEPS? Your recruiter should prepare you for this experience. MEPS facilities are considered military stations that are ran by members from all military branches. : I am a reserve future soldier (DTP Status not DEP). The basic physical examination includes: Welcome to the United States Air Force. When the milestone arrives, you're officially a soldier. Carry these documents by hand to your basic training site, and keep them secure while traveling, since they contain your personal information. From start to hire it takes how ever long the job you wish to peruse. Red Phase Week 1. Some people go through the process in only a couple of months, and others take a year or two. I know you have to be patient with the army but we were told we would hear back in re enlisting and how long it took to go to meps after being told he wa 19 Feb 2019 After BCT your soldier will go to AIT and then their First Duty Station. When I enlisted in the Army, I was scheduled to leave 3 months later. I miscarried and decided to enlist in the Navy like my parents had. Jun 25, 2018 · Completing basic military training is an accomplishment. e. 3. Oct 21, 2020 · Question: What happens after week 8 of basic training? Answer: The airmen go to the base where they will receive their initial technical training. I was officially a military significant other. What Happens After MEPS. Because both enlisted and officers go through MEPS, and basic training does not accommodate pumping, they do not allow lactation. After going through the full day, do not feel pressure to enlist if you do not want 19 Oct 2014 Smoking between final MEPS visit and Basic Training MEPS drug test A week later I went to the Army, was straight forward with the recruiter telling and told me they would work with me as long as I never told anyone 25 Sep 2019 Though common sense also does a great job in helping you make it personal items you are allowed to bring to basic training. Feb 13, 2018 · I am a Army Reserve soldier and was injured before I ship to basic training. It varies. Apr 02, 2018 · Once you sign into OCS you will not be put on pass and will immediately begin prepping for the upcoming class. Over the course of training, you’ll learn basic tactical and survival skills, as well as how to shoot, rappel and march. There might be a wait for ship date to basic/A school. What to Bring to MEPs: The typical MEPS process. The Army is going to virtual recruiting after shuttering brick and mortar before their arrival at military entrance processing gave his civilian employer (a small city) notice that he would need to miss two examination at the Military Examination and Processing Station (MEPS). The counselor will go over your active duty/Reserve enlistment contract with . Can they ask the Army to relocate or reassign on 28 Aug 2020 Here's everything you need to know before you go to MEPs for your first time. Mar 21, 2015 · Though, if they have a job you would like to do, I suggest signing anyway. (How long Im not sure) Thats pretty much all i know about the process. I know he will have some medical, drug, physical, and psych testing, answer some questions The training is tougher both mentally and physically and the demands of both make military life a challenge. Dec 15, 2019 · Army Basic Training 9-Week Overview. Depending on the distance to your local MEPS from where you live, the Army will pay for you to stay in a hotel overnight. Basic Combat Training is 10 weeks long, and is broken into three phases. My last question, how I can convince my son do not go to the basic, his date for the basic is on May 29, so I still have time to work with it. like the first trip, depending on how far away you live been any changes in your medical condition since your first trip to MEPS. Jan 25, 2019 · My son is eager to go to Army OCS. Delayed Entry Program (DEP) - This means that a recruit is committing to Basic Training at a time in the future, generally Aug 24, 2018 · What I’m saying is that Basic Training is where the military wants to see the highest return on investment. , and that the Apr 21, 2008 · After getting discharged how long does it take to rejoin the military? i joined the army reserves back in november but right before i was about to leave for basic i changed my mine so they just gave me a discharge now i want to join the air national guard how long of a waiting period is there for something like that. This is where you will go once you have gone through the initial meetings with your recruiter. When I processed in Louisville, it was like one big party at the hotel. I will have to attend 8 week basic training and A school. S. Apr 21, 2018 · PFC Gustavo D. MEPS is a Department of Defense “joint-operation” and is staffed You must bring all copies of the orders and documents issued to you by your recruiter and/or the Military Entrance Processing Station. Army MEPS Processing is usually done within a day. If that is his exact start date, he will finish 10 weeks strictly after that. Like the first trip, depending on how far away you live from I kind of imagined that enlisting was "sign this, off to boot camp you go" but that I just don't want to live with my mom and be a burden, especially since she's You do not just go to MEPS, your recruiter schedul I think it depends because I just went to MEPs but I need a waiver therefore my bond anti-itch cream, but I'm pretty positive this would get tossed if I rolled into BMT with it. So forget about the Air Force’s F-35 or even its F-22. You’ll learn first-aid and carry a rucksack. This is only done if the physical is going to expire before the intent of the original physical can be accomplished. Basic Training is demanding. Air Force recruiters will often refuse to process an applicant who is “job locked. How long will my Soldier be in basic training reception? The average length of time between home and being assigned to a basic training unit is 7-14 days. Funk added that the service is altering the training model: after recruits are screened for COVID-19 symptoms at military entrance processing stations (MEPS), they will then be placed in a two-week 10 WEEKS THAT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE Once you’ve decided to join the Guard, passed the eligibility requirements and taken the oath, the next step on your journey from civilian to Soldier is Basic Combat Training (BCT). 4. The MEPS commander may authorize a new, full medical examination if the previous medical examination is still valid but will expire within 90 days. The Marines have two, and the Army has quite a few because where the Army sends you will depend on the specialized training you signed up for at MEPS. family, much the way basic training centers have started do 5 Stupid Things Recruits Do During and Right After Boot Camp the hilarious and troubling stuff that I came across, both in researching recruiting/boot camp stories as well as trying and supposedly that's a long time. Jun 29, 2018 · Once you have completed all of the testing requirements, have determined your career path and have taken the oath of enlistment, you are ready for basic training. Those who visit only once generally stay for two days and then go straight to basic training. For me, everything was quick and easy. 6 Results If an applicant has not completed Basic Military Training (for any service), they are considered non-prior service and will require a RE Code eligibility  20 Mar 2020 Infantry soldiers-in-training conduct basic rifle marksmanship training March 23, 2017. Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS) Overview Each MEPS is staffed with I am the MEPS liaison when it comes to anybody for the Air Force. Oct 30, 2020 · At basic training, you are going to have to do this anyway, so why not get used to it beforehand. Atleast that is the assumption im under. Then comes specialized training in your career field — or you may go to Officer Candidate School to master Army leadership skills. edit - You have to go to MEPS once to process and get a job slot Everything together should take 2 days, though there are some situations that may make things shorter or longer. 2. Until you ship to basic and sign your final contract, you can still technically back out. Read Also: Landmark University Recruitment for Non-Academic Staff. mil. 3 At the report dates for basic training, and each time the Navy has canceled th 14 Apr 2020 Four new service members do push-ups in front of a line of their peers Basic training is your first chance to follow orders, so read your basic training site, and keep them secure while traveling, since they Gu StarForce MEPS to Basic Training StarForce has long assisted MEPCOM with the transportation of "Shippers" from the MEPS to the airport for Army Recruits to Fort Jackson in South Carolina; Army Recruits to Fort Benning in For example, if you're in week 2 of basic training and you get sick and put in the that for a long long time there wasn't such thing as IFS, and guys did fine then The Army changed the regulations in 2015 after realizing t 20 Mar 2020 Social distancing is the guidance, but at cramped MEPS stations, it's not off to basic training, provided they pass initial screening for coronavirus. Recruits entering the DEP are given further instruction, to be followed at a later time. It takes 9 weeks then he goes to ft Sam Houston in San Antonio for combat medic training for 16 weeks, then he will be stationed somewhere. After finishing at MEPS, candidates follow one of two paths: Direct Ship - This means candidates report to Basic Training in a matter of days versus months after finishing their MEPS requirements. Prospective officers complete Phase I (BOLC A) as either a cadet (United States Military Academy or Reserve Officers' Training Corps) or an officer candidate (Officer Candidate School (United States Army)) before continuing on to BOLC B as Second Lieutenants. Not sure about the Air Force, but I do know that the Army has filled its quota for this year and new recruits are having to wait until 2012 to begin basic. Get all personal matters in order prior to leaving. They are conducted in almost all continental states. Question: My biggest concern about basic training is the large amount of "shots" given. I have seen a delay of up to a year for recruits who are still in school. Most enlistees go into the Guard's Recruit Sustainment Program (RSP). Oct 24, 2014 · This kinda got derailed, I appreciate personal opinions on politics and the army but I'm trying to get an answer regarding only what I asked about: Finishing MEPs and waiting to begin basic. It starts with basic combat training or Army boot camp. Some of the military branches will ask you to MEPS on ship day. If there is a occupational school that you signed up for and it starts every 6 months. /i> Mar 20, 2020 · The Army is going to virtual recruiting after shuttering brick and mortar stations, and has also cut in half the number of recruits brought to basic training, service leaders said Friday. In this video we're going to show you just what you will do during enlistment processing at your local Military Entrance Processing Station, or MEPS. Jump to Section. There's no perfect science to it. After being engaged for just one month, my boyfriend turned fiance left for basic training. You report for 10 week basic Mar 30, 2009 · Most of the time, you go through MEPS and then straight off to basic from there. Some of these items may seem like a no-brainer, or not a big deal to bring – but trust us you’ll be better off if you leave these at home. I have read that soldiers that will not be leaving the country do not receive yellow fever, Etc. The roads were slippery so we ended up having our wake up call at 6 instead & we got to MEPS around 9. Before you leave MEPS, each service branch will appoint one recruit to be in charge of all other recruits of your branch, until you arrive at your basic training location. and everything in between. When going to MEPS, it should take a couple of days to get through all the paperwork. These are both uncharacterized discharges (not honorable or dishonorable). But if you’ve already been there and done that before you skip off to Basic Training the MEPS folks want to know about it. Private 1st Class | Keegan Lewins Army National The second is enlisting on active duty, and shipping off to basic training. Took 5 hours for me to complete everything. You'll go through the screening process at the nearest MEPS, after you'll swear in and go off to basic training. regul 21 Dec 2018 In theory, if an applicant fails to show up to ship out to basic training, the The letter should state that you've decided that you don't want to go  6 Apr 2015 You can expect to do a lot of waiting at MEPS, followed by being rushed Depending on your situation, the MEPS you go to, and how far you live away or at basic training if you go in with an open selection on your con 15 Dec 2012 Then the recruiter will drive him/her to a hotel near MEPS, where When everyone is finished with paperwork (at this point recruits are mixed - Army, Navy, You CAN go to the airport (separately) to meet your recruit There are five basic steps to go through during the day at MEPS. I got pregnant therefore could not go. SPC Jovani Daviu SGT Eric Davis Sgt (Join to see) I was out for over SIXTEEN YEARS (Yes, 16 plus years) and I didn't have to take basic again. What Happens After the MEPS · "Direct Ship:" Departure for Basic Training occurs in a matter of days versus months. You're gonna have to take group showers, and will most likely be timed by your drill sergeant too. Basic training is the first step in preparing you to be a soldier. And no, no one cares what you look like naked. PROCESSING AT THE MEPS. Training ( AIT), where they will learn the skills to do their actual job in the . Aug 28, 2020 · MEPS is the Military Entrance Processing Station. Processing at the MEPS is generally oriented along one of two schedules, depending on whether this is your first visit or if you are returning to ship to basic training. Females: You do not have to shave your head, but you are either going to sport short hair so that you don’t have to fuss with it, or you will grow it long enough to put into a bun. Some people will go into their branch's DEP (Delayed Entry Program), and go home MEPS (official site) What Happens After the MEPS. In fact, just to prove to you that getting naked is no big deal, I'm gonna do the rest of this video with my pants off. Basic Combat Training (BCT) is a training course that transforms civilians into Soldiers. There are instances where a waiver can be signed to extend the wait past one year, but those instances are very rare. Before you go; Be ready for the physical demands; What not to bring to basic training; Before You Go. Nov 06, 2019 · MEPS used to conduct a urinalysis drug test, but this is now accomplished by the individual services during the first or second day of basic training. The Air Force and Navy each have only one training facility. Jun 27, 2012 · Each MEPS might have a different interpretation of the qualifying and disqualifying conditions, but they showed me the documentation that stated that pregnancy and breastfeeding are disqualifying for a MEPS physical. I took my verification asvab and then got my blood drawn which did not hurt at all!! After that, got my urine test then did medical. You should have a lawyer review your enlistment paperwork. Dec 23, 2016 · I went to MEPS, took the ASVAB, went through medical, and swore into the DEP all that fun stuff. MEPS stands for Military Entrance Processing Station and is the location where you will take your ASVAB test, have your physical examination and get on the bus to ship off to basic training. He has a bachelor's degree from an accredited college, aced the ASVAB, has assembled his application packet, and is scheduled to report to MEPS soon. Get a good night’s sleep to help mentally prepare for the aptitude test. For my DH, it was only about a month. You’ll also learn what Army life will be like, including military customs and the Army’s Seven Core Values. "A Day at the MEPS" So, you have decided to join the United States armed forces, part of a long honored tradition. Oct 19, 2020 · Depending on your enlistment process, you may visit the MEPS once or twice. 8) Your time at MEPS is all in what you make it. Some people will go into their branch’s DEP (Delayed Entry Program), and go home after MEPS to wait until their ship out date. Now if I receive an ROTC scholarship, or just want to go to college and do ROTC even if I do not get a scholarship, then I can still DEP-out of the enlistment and go through ROTC for an officer career. Over the course of ten weeks recruits learn about the Seven Core Army Values, how to work together as a team and what it takes to succeed as a Soldier in the U. My recruiter scheduled me to go to the MEPS for inspection before I ship The family day demonstration gives families a look at the many fundamental skills your Soldier has learned and applied during their nine weeks of training. His recruiter has been a bit vague about the exact order of business in terms of what happens once he gets to MEPS. That depends greatly upon Air Force vacancies (i. Everyone will undergo a blood-alcohol test, however, to ensure that they are not intoxicated. But, it's joining the army after all. After one year, you are considered discharged from the reserve component. At MEPS, you will take the ASVAB, choose your MOS and take a physical. Feb 22, 2008 · your employer/recriuter will get you in as scheduled.