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About me

Jovana Srejić Ferluga   specijalista strukovni nutricionista dijetetičar

What can I offer:

  • Online consultations over video or telephone at your own convenience
  • A complete nutritional assessment (analyzing client's medical history, dietary needs, eating habits)
    prior to creating a diet plan or a detailed food guide by considering lifestyle and dietary preferences
Developing meal plans with detailed information regarding calories, nutrients and recipes
  • Follow-up sessions to monitor progress, motivate, and address any setbacks or concerns
  • Provide you with expert advice and guidance on all aspects of nutrition (the best science-based
    information possible. I only advise you with the most up-to-date available evidence for you to achieve
    effective results)
  • Creating content focused on health and food for digital magazines, websites or social media
  • Create and lead nutritional workshops
  • Experienced, self-motivated and confident registered dietitian with a proven track record of helping
    clients to achieve their nutritional and health goals. In the past 5 years I have worked with over 300
    clients with different health conditions.